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May 16, 2017
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I bought a used Mac Mini server and I would like to buy the original DVDs that came with the server. The Mac is A1347, 2010 gen. and Macmini4,1. I think the original OS was Leopard or Snow Leopard. Currently, the server is running Sierra. I am not asking about how to perform a restore or how to install anything. I want to erase the drives and perform a new install and perform my own upgrade to Sierra. Yes, I know I can just reinstall Sierra or any OS without any original DVDs.

I did call Apple and were no help. They said due to the Mac being an older generation the only chance I have is to call Best Buy or some other business that repairs Macs. Even that is a long shot. It surprises me that as much money that Apple has on reserve and cash on hand, they can't put ALL original media which includes original restore DVDs for older Macs on a server for users to download themselves.

The Mac came with Sierra already installed on it. I wanted to start from scratch and factory restore the Mac and perform my own series of upgrades to Sierra. Yes, I know that I can reinstall Sierra or any other OS directly without performing a factory restore.

Where can I find the original DVDs? I would be willing to buy them.


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Aug 14, 2015
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A good place to find the original DVD's is on Ebay. You can find them at a fairly reasonable price. I did that when I misplaced my original DVD's for my 2010 MBP. Just make sure you get the correct DVD's.

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