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Original backup for jailbroken iPhone 5 gone, need help.


New member
Sep 20, 2012
I had an official backup saved in iTunes, which seems to have been over written by a current jailbroken backup when I tried to restore and update. Yesterday I saw that the Cydia app showed two saved shsh blobs, but they're now missing as well. I've tried finding any forums with info, but it's all outdated. Is there any other way to restore to stock iOS or am I stuck for good?


Apple Watch and AirPod Champion, Ambassador
Nov 2, 2009
You can absolutley restore back to stock. You will have two options:

1- Restore the device then load back your backup. Cydia apps will be gone, but remnants will remain in the file system. Not really a big deal
2- Restore the device, but set it up as new. Everything will be gone including the Cydia files. You will need to re-load all of your apps, music, settings, etc and you will lose anything from saved games etc. that are not cloud saved.

With either method I recommend doing a DFU restore to make sure you get a true clean restore from iTunes.


New member
Sep 16, 2012
I didnt do a local backup prejailbreak. In the past when restoring after a jailbreak, all my official stuff transferred over but my cydia stuff didnt. I didnt think it makes a difference.