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"Only Apple"


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Nov 11, 2013
Apple: one continuous experience across all Apple devices.


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Mar 4, 2011
Good read, and I agree. As someone who has a foot in the ecosystem (Mac, iPad, iPod) with each release of OSX and iOS, it makes it increasingly difficult not to want to put my other foot in as well (smartphone - currently using a Nexus 5 and Z10) in order to get the unified end to end experience.


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Apr 22, 2013
I've been heavily invested in Google (Chromebooks, Nexus Tablets, Android phones) and Apple (Macs, iPods/iPads). I wouldn't say Google is that far behind but Google's entire mentality is different. They're a web services business first (and a business that makes money from ad revenue) so everything about the Google "experience" involves connecting to the web and isn't really a whole lot different on a chromebook vs Chrome on a Mac vs Chrome on a PC. The nice thing about Google is that a quick sign in from any terminal anywhere and you have your stuff, synced near instantly.

I can't tell you how amazing it is to fiddle with my older Samsung Chromebook, test out features, set things up the way I want, and then open my newer HP 14 chromebook and get all the settings automatically synced up. The device becomes meaningless (or a means to an end).

I think competition between these guys is going to be great for all of us because whatever platform becomes your favorite (I'm in the midst of moving completely to iOS myself. I can't help it. The hardware is sexy.), we're going to get a lot of new and great features from each platform trying to one-up the other. The market at large probably has different enough tastes that both will be able to survive with a relatively large pool of loyalists as well.

Really, I see Microsoft as the also-ran. They're the ones that ought to be worried, though I do like some of the stuff they have done with Windows phone and Nokia.


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Nov 19, 2013
It's a great article. After 7 months my mind can find wrap around the iPhone and I do like it in spite of my initial underwhelming reaction to my 5s.

I do believe apple can pull off seamless integration amongst its hardware and software. But an apple computer is not in my future that I can see.

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May 30, 2014
I think that article overly downplays just how much better Google's services are compared to anyone else's. Yeah you can get most of them on other platforms but they're not as seamlessly integrated and interoperable on those. Apple seems to be spending far too much time taking potshots at the competition lately which I find to be a sad departure from the self assured confident posture they used to project. Every time a company goes down that road they wind up looking like the Pepsi to the Coke or the Burger King to the Mcdonald's. I don't get a feeling of confidence when a company starts having to say "this is better than android because..." Rather than just telling me how good a feature is on its own merit like Apple used to do.
It's pretty bad when I hear all the hosts on This Week in Tech comment for days about how odd it was that Apple felt the need to make Android comparisons at wwdc. I think Rene Ritchie was in one of podcasts with Leo Laporte when they talked about that during or after the live coverage maybe he can comment
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