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Dec 23, 2012
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Nowadays in iTunes, it seems that an increasing number of great historical games with high-quality put emphasis to the real representation of original appearance of certain historical period. These good games not only own their profound connotation but also are characterized by exquisite gameplay, which is the most representative of the same type of the symbol. Rise of Empire, for example, reproduces a splendid world of classical architecture in medieval Europe, painting fresh and elegant realistic graphics of Middle Age.

Flourishing town
City Hall: City hall is the symbol of the city's development. For every level increase to city hall, you will increase base construction speed of buildings by 50%.

Tavern: it is a place where residents can while their time away and have fun. Some skilled heroes frequently emerge, and even some historically famous persons visit here.

Dwellings: it provide residences for the city?s populace. Building and dwelling upgrades can increase the city?s maximum population.

Smithy: at the smithy, you can buy some basic equipment. You can also sell excess equipment or materials. If you have any rare materials, the smithy might be able to make your equipment even more powerful.

Military satellite city

Military Centre: the military center is the core of the city?s military sector. It can increase your military points.

Catholic Church: it can increase your maximum number of total soldiers and bolster your strength the longer you keep fighting.

Training Ground: a training ground is where your heroes train. When a hero becomes skilled, he can command even more soldiers.

Sentry Tower: In a sentry tower, you can exchange excess resources for valuable monarch action power.


Economic satellite city

Economic Centre: the economic center is the core building of satellite cities? economies. It can increase your political points.
Protestant Church: Protestant churches can increase farm resource output and storehouse capacity.

Altar: by offering sacrifices at an altar (you can only have one in special regions) you can get experience for your heroes.

Watchtower: they are used to further stabilize the city walls and can create a space for even more city defenses.

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