Older or refurb pro vs newer iPad for teen


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Apr 26, 2011
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A teen might or likely soon will need (tech school or college) a general purpose computer that will cost like an iPad Pro so keep that in mind. The making iPads do more or as a laptop is still far away from a laptop. Beyond that, Apple packs a tremendous amount in the M1 Air laptops.

I provision and manage the Apple stuff at some scale and find it all good but am always quick to point out the value in basic iPads and M1 Air laptops and Mini models. Specific jobs like drawing can change the equation but there are trackpads and drawing tools for the desktop OS too.

A teen might also qualify for an educational discount. For sure at graduation and before college or tech school starts.


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Aug 27, 2021
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Teen? Absolutely no offense intended but I'd factor in AppleCare+ availability and pricing. Just thinking out loud that the accidental damage part of the warranty may come in very handy :).
If she isn't set on "Pro", the regular iPad at 329 is two thumbs up. The Price to functionality and longevity is industry best by far IMHO. But if she really wants a better model than the lowest end iPad model, I'd consider the new iPad Air 5 at 599 (I bet a sale closer to 550 will come quickly). IMHO it's the next best value in tablets.
But if she is set in a Pro model, right now at the Apple Refurb Store:
Refurbished 11-inch iPad Pro Wi‑Fi 64GB - Space Gray - 519$ (and it should have AppleCare+ available for it).