Old Mac Pro 5.1 is rather slow


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I just upgraded my old Mac Pro 5.1 from 2012 to a 12-core processor-tray. From the beginning it was an Quadcore. I haven’t this far recognized any higher speed whatsoever. It’s the same as with the single-processor 3,2 Ghz. Now I have 2 processors with 3,06 Ghz. I thought I should get a extremely fast machine, but no. I ordered some more memory, 64 GB, I have 32 now. I wonder if the Quadcore-machine is ready for other processors than just Quadcore. Maybe the connection to logic board isn’t what it should be to get the real speed.
Oh, I shouldn’t try more with this old heavy heck of computer with USB 2.0 and SATA-II! It’s a waste of money. I guess this model will get obsolete in September when Apple releases a new version of MacOS. I have Mojave in it now, but had to change videocard to get it, and now there is no driver for Mojave and cards from Nvidia isn’t working if you have GTX970 or higher.

With regards
Per Nordqvist, Sweden

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