okay, newbie, just a few JB questions


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Oct 7, 2008
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I have read through all the faq's and any threads that might be talking about anything that concerns me. i'm just super nervous about it, i just got this phone and well ill simply die if i brick it

the only reason i even thinking of Jailbreaking now is because of the poll from Bad Ash, he really seems to be pro JB, and i just wanted to clear a few things up (some of the info i have in my head now is from scattered areas and i don't have links to where i got it, so bear with me)

[PS: i have iPhone 3g (att) and win xp]

1) what is the real possibility of bricking the phone beyond recovery? I seem to think its near 0 but i just want to be sure its not even a small percentage, but nearly 0

2) Does the jailbreaking for 2.1 indicate the Apple iPhone firmware number? i.e. i updated the phone completely (i think its 2.1) and i assume that the links to jailbreaking 2.1 are for me (i just want to be sure that its not the version of the jailbreaking app)

3) I have also read that if you were to experience problems you can easily use the itunes restore functionality, but to make sure that you do a clean restore and not use a backup, i had to restore once, and im not 100% sure i remember it asking if i wanted to use a backup. Did i just forget this option, or is there something i have to keep in mind when doing a restore (if i need to)

4) the ipsw file that i need, is that needed to restore back to original if necessary? or is that just for jailbreaking.

(last question, i promise (but its long))

5) okay, iPhone firmware 2.2 will be coming out in the future, how does upgrading go on a jailbroken phone? do you need to wait for the new jailbreaking app? will itunes try to update the firmware automatically and screw up the phone? if it does update the phone through itunes would it just unjailbreak the phone?

sorry about all the questions, but i really feel like if i get a grasp on the answers to these ill be a lot more comfortable

6)* okay, one last one, regarding this post: Counter Strike: Apple Fires Back at Jailbreakers! | The iPhone Blog

a) is it fixed

b) if apple comes out with something like that again, doesn't it essentially lock you out of itunes? so you couldn't sync at all, or even restore! this is a main concern, if apple could somehow patch itunes and make my phone lose its sync and therefore song transfer capability than i think id freak as well
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Mar 27, 2005
I will help you out with this... just do it. If something goes wrong it's because you messed someone up very badly. Use my Windows guide on the main page, which can be found here. Follow that step by step and everything will be cool. As for when Apple releases 2.2 you can update to it right away if you'd like. You will just lose your jailbeak. Then you will have to wait for new software to jailbreak 2.2 which won't be a long wait.

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