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Ok upset


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Jun 19, 2012
I first OFF- my daughters phone came from att insurance and for some ODD REASON it's disabled!
She dang well knows her passcode- she overdid it BUT disabled it and it was her passcode cause she GOT IN w it!
I am WONDERING ?? Why it's NOT on iCloud-
Something is OFFF ODD and she's in TEARS
I'm going to ATT tomorrow see if thy can do a new reset or I don't know wth
I don't feel like $$ for Apple for an INSurance refurbished PHONE that wont let us in'
It sounds to ME something's wrong-
Is this fixable?
I don't have an OLD iTunes BUT I can install it and download it-
What would YOU do?
Like I said she's almost 15 and ON IPHONES since she was wow??? 11? iPhone 4?
iPad iPad mini etc come On!
She is all As not That DUMB- and oh yeah she's back to her old cracked broke one until
That's fixed @@


Ambassador Team Leader, Senior Moderator
Jan 8, 2012
If the problem is with the lock screen passcode then all you have to do is connect the iPhone to your computer and restore it. Afterwards, you can either set it up as new or restore from a backup. As for getting a refurbished iPhone via insurance from "AT&T", that typical, and there's nothing wrong with it unless it specifically states that any replacement will be "brand new" and not "like new".


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Oct 23, 2012
It's hard to understand exactly what is happening in your note, but it sounds like the phone was returned by somebody and they hadn't turned off Find My iPhone, so the phone wouldn't allow you to set it up without the previous person's passcode. AT&T should not accept returns this way, and definitely shouldn't offer a phone like that as a warranty replacement, and I am sure that they will exchange for another one if that, indeed, was the problem.

I would suggest, though, that you try to set up the phone in the store to make sure that the new replacement doesn't have the same problem.