Ocado first online supermarket with iPhone App'


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Jul 7, 2009
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The Apple iPhone has got its first UK online supermarket application, in the form of the free shopping app from Ocado.

The application, called 'Ocado on the Go' is available to download free from the Apple App Store to both iPhones and iPod Touch MP3 players. The app officially launches on 13 July, but is available now.

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Ocado on the Go lets users write their shopping lists and add food and drink items to their shopping basket while offline, and then checkout and buy when an internet connection is available.
Ocado on the go iPhone App screenshot

Jason Gissing, co-founder of Ocado, said: 'We're delighted to be the first UK supermarket on the iPhone - this is grocery shopping 2.0 and it'll offer a huge, huge benefit to many of our busy customers.

'Ocado on the Go is quite possibly the quickest, most convenient and fun way to do the weekly shop yet. We're continuing to pioneer online grocery shopping, but this is only the first step of a journey that will eventually see Ocado available on several digital platforms.'

Ocado was voted the top online supermarket in the Which? 2009 members survey, and members were impressed by 'Ocado's efficient and easy-to-navigate website and the good quality of fruit and vegetables'.
iPhone users get Ocado app first

Which? tech expert Al Warman said: 'iPhone users once again get the best apps first. Having installed the Ocado app myself, its speed and interface are impressive for the first version of the software.

'By making its online shopping service available on the iPhone platform, Ocado has beaten its supermarket rivals, and is likely to appeal to busy consumers who want to buy groceries, any time, anywhere there's a 3G or Wi-Fi signal.'


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Jul 6, 2009
Congrats... i knew this was coming sooner or later... As "Convenience" prove again to be the focal point of modern times... ~~at the touch of a finger ~~ NICE!

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