O2's Constant Lies


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Jul 21, 2008
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Here is a copy of the letter of complaint i have just sent to O2.

Dear O2,
I would like to start this letter telling you of the outstanding service I received from T-Mobile for the last two years before I joined O2. I only ever called them to activate my international calls and to check my balance. They were perfect and I never had a problem. Their only fault was that they could not offer me the iPhone, so I swapped to O2. This is where my troubles started. I was told by an O2 sales person that there would be no new iPhone model coming out until Christmas, so I signed up for an 18 month contract on that information. It was a lie! But neither the less I agreed to upgrade and registered my interest. I got the 8:30am text message on iBloody Monday and was lucky enough to manage to place an order. I called up the phone line to ask why I wasn?t given a choice of colour and was told there wasn?t one, but I would defiantly get my iPhone that Friday, I was promised this by two different people that Monday, and by a third on Tuesday. These again were all lies and I finally got my iPhone on Thursday after I had already cancelled the work I was booked in for on Friday, loosing ?150. You lies are costing me lots you can see. Still I had the new iPhone so at least my problems had ended. Or so I thought! I noticed right away that the screen on my new iPhone was faulty, it had a dead pixel. It was past the time your phone line closes by this point so I called up the next morning. I was told a replacement handset was ordered and on its way to me in the next three working days. I called the next day to see if there was a more definite time yet for my handset to be delivered as stilling in my house for a further three days waiting for a delivery would cost me more work and I was given the number of the courier, but I lost this by the time Monday had come and called back to get it again. I was told at this point that the iPhone was out of stock again and you have no clue when I am going to receive it. Is this sounding familiar to you as well? Because I am suffering from terminal da ja voux right now?!
So, I am writing this letter of complaint and I am going to find an address that apple will check and send it to them as well. It is my sincere hope that apple strip you of your exclusive iPhone agreement as soon as possible as I would much rather deal with a company with integrity, morals and ethics. Three things I am sad to say I have not witnessed in your conduct since I have joined your network.



PS. Please don?t bother writing back to me with a list of excuses and reasons for your deceit and failings, I'm not looking for you to pass the blame onto your ill equipped computer systems again. I want results and not more lies! When you write back I expect you to tell me some answers!

PPS. I am also submitting this letter to as many Apple, O2, Telecoms? and consumer websites as I can as I have zero confidence that you will treat my complaint as anything but the ineffectual buzzing sound your customers make.

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