Number of photos per album/directory?


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Apr 13, 2012
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My google-fu has failed me. I'm trying to figure out how many photos I can import to my iPhone 5 via iTunes syncing.

Most of my photos are imported to my iPad, but there is one album I have that I do not want on the iPad but do want on the iPhone, and it has roughly 2700 images in it. When I tries to sync it, the sync failed with an error on the phone saying that some 600 and change photos could not be synced, see iTunes for more details. iTunes had no info, and while the phone indicated that the sync had finished, iTunes was stuck in the "Finishing sync" phase. And the difference count between the iPhone and the source was about 900.

I broke the album up into thirds (~900 images each) and tried again. Same thing.

At no time did iTunes say I was going to exceed the storage capacity of the iPhone.

Googling indicates that I should be fine as long as each individual folder/album is less than 1000, but this is a) old data from when the iPhone 4 was new and b) apparently wrong based on what I'm seeing.

Anyone know what the limits are? The grand total of photos going onto the phone will total maybe 3700 images and with iTunes resizing, should be 2~2.5GB on the device and I currently have ~3GB free.