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Notes disappeared last night, how can I get them back?


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Notes disappeared last night

I heavily use notes on my phone, they are suppose to be syncing to the iCloud. I went to look at them today and they are not on my phone and they are not in the iCloud either. I have been told that all notes are connected to another account- I have no idea where they would be if I just opened that app and typed them in and I don't understand why they are not in the cloud.

Hoping when I get to my home computer I can find the file it was backed up to, since I have looked into the carbonite files and still can't find it.

LOL guess I will put it on paper now


Oct 2, 2013
Re: Notes disappeared last night

Try checking your email notes folders. If you don't see a notes folder, go to Settings >Mail,Contacts, Calendar >Email address > toggle OFF Notes. Then go check the Notes folder in the email. If you have more than one email, check them all. Afterwards, only turn iCloud on for notes in Settings.