Non-Mobile Me Contacts problem......?


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Apr 9, 2009
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Hi All,
I've been desperately searching for some help for a problem with disappearing contacts on my iPhone 3G.
I don't subscribe to MobileMe (I used to but didn't renew due to cost / benefit). Everytime I do a Google search on "iPhone Contacts problems" it lists lots of MobileMe related issues - I believe this is unrelated.
In my case I have 192 contacts on my phone - usually! Every so often and for no apparent reason this list reduces to 68. I believe that these are the 68 that I've added directly via the phone. Switching off and on does nothing.
If I go into Contacts directly i.e. not via the phone app and I flick to Groups and then back I can guarantee that the 192 will reduce to 68. Getting them back seems to be a random occurence too.
I should also mention that when they've 'vanished' I can still select e.mail addresses from the 'disappeared' contacts via the e.mail app.
I took this into an Apple shop and asked a Genius but he shrugged and said - 'Never seen one do that before'. This also used to happen before I upgraded to V 2.2.
Has anyone else come across this bug? Is there a fix?
It's very frustrating when i need a number and I find it's gone!

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