Non-Jailbreak Home button Messed up?


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Mar 11, 2009
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Okay. Now like sometimes ill be listening to music on my ipod version of my iphone and i hit the home button and it wont go home. Other times ill be on youtube i hit home it wont go home.i'll being on my 3rd page of apps and i hit home and it wont go home....sometimes on my lock screen i hit home twice for controls of my ipod w/o unlocking and it wont pop up. Happend to anyone? Help?

Under warranty FTW!


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Jul 10, 2008
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My home button sometimes acts funky. Normally if I reset it or just tap it harder it works.

If this is a constant problem, you might want to exchange it at an Apple Store.

Stevie No-Wonder

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Nov 17, 2008
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I have the same issue right now with my Home button (after nine months of no problems). Resets and Restores don't solve it.

I took it to the Apple Store and they ran a diagnostic, but found nothing wrong. Since they were very crowded that day, the Genius didn't spend enough time with it to ever have it happen to him. He said he believed me, but said all I can do is to wait until it became worse so he can witness the problem himself. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be getting worse, so I may just have to keep going there randomly in hopes that it will happen for them (plus, there are 5 Apple Stores near me ;)).

I sometimes have to press mine two or three times to get it to work... but that's only about five instances per day). Also, single clicks sometimes result as double clicks bringing up my Phone Recents.

Thing is, I fear I'll end up getting a new one with even more problems. :rolleyes:
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