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Mar 29, 2013
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I have traditionally 'gone with the flow' and used 'All Apple' peripherals ( except cases) having see a few situation in drop tests where the case departed the phone on the first bounce, leaving the now naked phone to do its worst on whatever surface was in use. A rare scenario yes, but one I avoid now with differently designed accessories. But I digress....
At first I was told ( quite probably correctly) that any 'non Apple charger or cable was a fire or destroyed device on the way to happening, but is that still true?? I live in the Caribbean where we don't have Apple Stores but do have a few 'Authorized resellers'. I had been in the habit of replenishing cables ( usually two at a time, more recently with the longer ones) when at Apple store in Canada as we have 5 devices on the go. I've never had an issue with a charger ( iPhone or iPad) nor have I ever purchased one. ( Any phone or tablet purchase has filled the charger basket to the point of 'surplus') but the 'for real' lightning cables remind me of 'my perception of the cheap junk ' which has always existed in the aftermarket ( e-bay, some Amazon etc) New ones seem to last less than a year ( some a lot less) before bubbling away and fraying usually at the USB end, but occasionally at the lightning end as well. Also having to re-insert a lightning cable 'other way round' became a frequent happening, as wheel as a host of messages saying essentially that something was not right. We do not abuse any product, there are no kids even handling anything, I'm 65 and my wife a year (or so) behind. I use power bar / surge protectors on both nightstands ( either side of the bed) as well as a few 'strategically laid out charger / cable hookups' where we most likely spend time on devices. Nothing is ever yanked or stretched ( or chewed, or.....)
Here in Barbados, one of the more popular ( costly, but so is Apple, so it's a bit moot) brands of cabling, cases, and chargers in 'Griffin'...I first used a clear 'Survivor' case, then another for my wife, then started with one of their USB- Lightning cables. Wow - feel the quality!! - I saw ( though both the 'Authorized Reseller' and our higher end department stores) USB charging cubes which had 2 outlets, so in attempt to declutter the bedside nightstands, put one / side at the power source. It's been 6+ months now with never a charging error code or problem, perfect performance, and a cost for hardware 'just a bit' below OEM.....The geek in me still uses the one remaining Apple cable to occasionally connect a device to my iMac, to do an iTunes backup, but that's IT. I use mostly 1 meter cables - nice big lightning ends which fit well into the Griffin cases, and one apiece 'Cloth wound' 2 meter cables for iPads to enable a bit more freedom if reading while charging... Griffin seems a very premium product without a really premium price but there are knockoffs even of them around, and I hear that Amazon doesn't have clean hands there

Thoughts or Comments....??


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Apr 6, 2016
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I've used "non Apple" usb cables for years with no problems. I rarely use the official Apple chargers too. Absolutely no issues.