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no wifi after upgrade to 3.0 on iPhone 2g


New member
Jun 27, 2009

So, I jailbroke/unlocked my iPhone to 3.0. I went in set up my home wifi, it sees it, I then attempt to connect but it won't connect. It then no longer shows my home wifi and continually searches. If I reboot, I get the same scenario.

Not sure if it matters, but I am on t mobile and I don't have a data plan. I have another iPhone that is on t mobile with data plan and I can connect to my wifi no problem.

Does that make sense? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Well-known member
Dec 30, 2008
I expereinced the same issue when I upgraded to 3.0 on my phone. I couldn't get the WiFi to work once the upgrade was completed. After talking to Apple tech support, they ended up giving me a new phone. There is something wrong in the 3.0 OS that messes up the WiFi for some people. It seems to be pretty random.