No more nappy! : an interactive book for iPad


Nov 24, 2010
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Hi everyone! :cool::cool:
I just want to introduce you this Interactive Book for children named "No more nappy!"
The little protagonist of ?No More Nappy? has understood that he has grown up and that he feeels he is too big to continue wearing the nappy; so he decides to remove it, he looks for the mother and, in front of her amused eyes, throws it in the garbage. But the good news must be communicated to everyone, and a new adventure in a colorful world of potties is starting...
An original and surprising journey into the imagination of our children!
The most beautiful story ever invented on this subject, entertaining and unmissable in its version for the iPad.
The story is a timeless original work, full of interactive visualizations that involve children in reading, combining learning and fun.
You can find it on iTunes store: