No 3G or EDGE on my phone. What's wrong?


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Jul 17, 2008
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So yesterday, I'm at a friends house and decide to check SportsTap for a score. After realizing the page wasn't connecting, I looked in the top left corner to find that the Wifi, 3G, and EDGE symbols were not there. I connected to WIFI with my friend's password and all was well.

EDIT: It doesn't even connect to WIFI now without me doing it manually. WTF?

Later in the day, I went to do something else in the car and noticed once again there was no 3G or EDGE symbols in the top left corner. There was only the bars showing how much reception for the phone and the word AT&T.

I always leave 3G on so its not a setting issue.

But now thinking back my dad went to the AT&T store pretty close to the time that 3G and EDGE stopped working. All he did there was upgrade his phone (he's on the same family plan) and get a unlimited amount of texts for the plan (it was the $5 a month one before for me). So could AT&T have possibly messed something up causing me to lose EDGE or 3G? Maybe they messed up something with the data plan?

Anyway I have tried restarting (no restore yet, i'm afraid) my phone and nothing has worked. What do I do?!


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Mar 27, 2005
If it were me personally I would not restore from a backup in case the issue was in my last backup... Which is one of the reasons I don't know why we can't have numerous backups... sort of defeats the whole purpose I'd say. Before attempting a restore I'd probably give at&t a call. Unless you don't mind doing a restore.