Nexus 6P to iPhone 8 Plus ?


Nov 26, 2016
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I'm a pretty big Android nerd, specifically stock Android mostly, not a fan of Samsung and others, I feel their UI's can be prone to lag months down the road with the phone, whereas stock Android stays smooth all that time.

I have only had 3 iPhone's before, the 3G, the original 6 Plus, and 7 Plus. Currently back on my Nexus 6P, because I got bored with iOS 10. But now that I have been back with Android since May, I have been bored as well, and miss the great battery life of the 7 Plus, and come to think of it, I don't even tweak or customize my 6P anymore either, besides first setting it up, with the theme and icons I like, it remains that way all this time later, no changes. So I think I am burned out on the whole "Oh wow customization on Android is so cool" because I don't play with that at all anymore, just don't care lately.

My main important features in a smartphone are in this order;

- Battery life #1
- Bright display that can be seen outdoors well
- Smooth OS, little to no lag or hiccups
- Loud clear sounding speakers, for speaker phone calls, and some YouTube vids
- Water resistance is nice ( but not a must have, more of a safety feature just in case )
- Wireless charging is nice ( just feels more convenient and comfortable, but not a must have )
- Updates quickly and direct from the manufacturer

The Pixel 2 XL would be my obvious next choice, I skipped on last years Pixel XL, more in anger at the new price structure compared to my brand new 64GB Nexus 6P I bought brand new from Google for $449, which the 6P for it's day was every bit the high end flagship, comparable to Samsung's and HTC top phones at the time that were selling for almost double the price, then Google changes the Nexus name to Pixel, and ups the price SIGNIFICANTLY for no apparent reason, because the Pixel XL for 2016 was no different for it's day than the 6P was for it's time. Last year 2016 flagships like the iPhone 7 Plus and Galaxy S7 Edge were waterproof or had wireless charging, and super premium builds, the Pixel didn't have all those features, and Google still thought they could charge upper high end prices. I still found the Pixel XL to be more of a Nexus 7P, but whatever. And now $950 for the Pixel 2 XL, LOL no thanks Google. Bring back the Nexus, the Pixel 2 XL could be a Nexus 8P selling for like $599 or so, if Google still wanted to do that.

Anyways, I do like iMessage, lot of my family and friends have iPhone's, and from my time with the iPhone 7 Plus, I recall it having super good battery life, I would assume the 8 Plus just as good if not better, which is very important to me.

One hold back is all the NEGATIVE feedback I am reading about iOS 11, tons of people complaining it's super buggy, major issues, and seems like an alpha release, not a true release Apple would ship and put out. Even the betas are buggy, and seems like tons of stuff needs to be ironed out first before iOS 11 is smooth and stable. Is that true ?
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Jan 25, 2014
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I used a Nexus 6P (as well as previously having a Moto X, Nexus 5 and Galaxy Nexus) and switched over to the iPhone 7 Plus, when the 7 Plus was released. I had a weird glitch with my Nexus, where if I hit a Notification I'd get a delay of a few seconds before it started loading the app (such as Messages). I was tired of the strange little delays and glitches like that, that I'd seen on my other Android phones, not to mention doing a factory restore in an attempt to fix those glitches. Also, like you, I was not happy with the not just the price of the Pixel, though I can't really blame Google for wanting to make a profit on the phone, but also the features the 6P had that the Pixel didn't. Unfortunately, it seems all the phone manufacturers are wanting $800-1000 for the newest generations of phones, including Apple for the iPhone X.

I'm currently using the 8 Plus, having passed the 7 Plus down to another family member. I've had few, if any, real issues with iOS 11. My old 7 Plus has not had battery life issues, like others had; though to be fair it is very lightly used. My 8 Plus has been great, I don't think (from talking to other 8 Plus users) that the 8 Plus is having the same issues that other users have had with iOS 11. I'm enjoying having wireless charging again, something I've not had since the Nexus 5 (and I've even used my old Qi charging pad).

From what you have said, I think you'd be happy with the 8 Plus, much as I have been.


Oct 7, 2017
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I also switched from the N6P to the IP8 plus, and I couldn't be happier.

The battery life really is outstanding. It's just so consistent and reliable, unlike the N6P which could have great battery life one day then completely crap out the next for no discernible reason.

You'll love the ability to charge wirelessly again, and the speakers are simply the best that it can get for a device this size.

Yes, it's pricey, but the build quality is just in a different league from the Nexus and Pixel phones. It's built to last, and you know that you'll have updates for years into the future that come right away when they're announced, not when Google arbitrarily decides to send them to your device (and no more manual OTA downloads using the jankiest process known to man).

I actually do miss many things about Android, but the physical quality of this device and the os/hardware integration are really making me happy so far.

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