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Feb 25, 2009
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I'm a Blackberry use who recently bought an iPod touch, and I love it. I've actually been using my Bold a lot less & am considering switching over all together to the iPhone, but there's a few things I don't like about the iPhone/Touch that I'm hesitant about.

One thing, that's not really a feature on the phone so much as an application, is the news readers. I've looked around & found a few RSS readers (Bolt Reader, RSS Reader Pro, Newsstand & 1 or 2 others), but none of them even come remotely close to Viigo which I use on my Bold. That's one thing I need, and am wondering if there are any that you would recommend?

A couple that I've found take feeds from a Google Reader account which is a nice start, but is there anything out there where you can actually search feeds & add them from your phone like you can with Viigo?


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Mar 4, 2009
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I too would be curious.......

about a good reader app that can help take the place of Viigo. I have my google subscription still, but I did like using viigo as a clearing house for all my content.