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News from AT&T allowing customer who bought Iphones after Sep4 to allow refund


Well-known member
Oct 30, 2009
Unfortunately they haven't told us whats the best route to go about that. I just want to know if they did something in the computers where I can pre-order the iphone 4S and ship or drop my iphone4 at the store.

Andrew Flores

Active member
Oct 2, 2010
i bought the iPhone 4 the first day it was released..... i wish they'd offer me an upgrade.... luckily im on a family plan and can use someone elses.


Jun 22, 2010
Now all they need to do is offer early upgrade like they're supposed to. I think the 4S is gonna flop because on top of the lack of hype vs previous models. They're screwing the original iPhone customers that have had the phone since day one. My bill is over $200.00 a month I should get a 4S half price much the stupid offer they sent me earlier.

I want a 64gb model and they offered me this:

Pay $399.00 for the phone + $250.00 early upgrade fee + sign a new 2 year agreement LOL needless to say I laughed REAL hard and hung up.:rolleyes: