New Vaja Grip Case (iPhone5)


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Mar 8, 2012
Well, I was in Maui and was using the lifeproof Fre case. AMAZING for underwater pictures, kayaking and the like (I'll do a thread about that later), but I like my phone with a minimal case, and the effort to get to the headphone jack, the bulkiness and the feel of the touch screen with the cover on annoyed me.... so I was happily surprised to find that my custom Vaja leather case came in when I got home from my trip!

This is the new Grip SP case from Vaja that covers all sides of the device! I had their original grip case, and although good looking, it exposed the top left of the device... long story short, I dropped the phone and have a nice dent on that top left corner. This case, although still minimal, leather and not the most protective case, at least covers all corners of the device.

IMO, one of the best looking 'luxury' cases out there. Leather is top notch and has that nice 'new car' smell!

Here are some pics:



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Apr 28, 2009
Don't forget, there's a nice Vaja case for sale in the Marketplace. Waiting for offers!


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May 3, 2012
How is the case holding up so far, just wondering if there is any leather to case separations.

Even though the new car smell is mostly glue, it still smells good