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New To Iphone

E Pow

New member
Jul 23, 2008
I am a RECOVERED Blackberry user who finally switched over to iphone 3g. I just got mine today at the Apple store in Kenwood Cincinnati. I stood in line for 4 hours and played on my Blackberry Curve the whole time getting the last couple of clicks out of it. I AM SOOOO HAPPY to finally convert to iphone 3G. I had been debating for a year now of switching but just kept finding reasons not too. I've had my 3g for 5 hours now and it's beautiful and I love it. My fiance' is totally happy too because all she has heard over the past year is iphone this and iphone that from me. Now she doesn't have to hear anything about me debating on getting it. I now own nothing but Apple products (macbook Pro, iphone 3g) I'm totally hooked on apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


New member
Jul 24, 2008
I just switched from crackberry to iPhone and I'm bummed for one simple reason:

My old blackberry allowed me to run AIM mobile and stay available even when I switched to other functions on the phone. It would run in background and alert with a nice little icon if a new IM came in. Is there an IM app for iPhone that can do the same? The AIM app for iPhone goes unavailable the sec I leave the page. Its terrible because I do most of my com on IM.