New Terms and Conditions


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Dec 19, 2011
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iTunes made me accept the new terms and conditions, which I did, but all it does is keep asking me to accept the new terms and conditions over and over again. WTF?


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Jun 23, 2010
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iTunes and App Store terms and conditions stuck in infinite loop, locking out customers |

Apple has update the terms and conditions of iTunes and the App Store tonight, and it seems to have caused a recursive bug for some users -- the TOC pops up again and again, in an infinite loop, and you just can't get past it.I haven't had the new TOC pop up for me at all yet, but based on the number of tips we're getting, a lot of you have, and lot of you have been bitten by the bug.
Hopefully this is something Apple can fix on the server-side so everyone can get back to downloading If you're experiencing the infinite fail loop, let us know, and if it gets fixed or you figure away around it, let us know that too.