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New Speck CandyShell Clear Case & Aconicmobile Screen Protector User


New member
Apr 10, 2015
I posted in another thread about my recent Speck CandyShell purchase, but I wanted to make a thread kind of detailing my experience and why I bought the case I did.............. It may be a little lengthy so please bear with me..........................

I purchased my first iPhone 3GS in 2009 and along with that purchase I bought two cases. One was an AGF "naked" leather lined holster, and a black OtterBox Defender. Every smartphone I've had be it an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and even Palm, I've not bought a phone that there wasn't an OtterBox Defender available for it. Fast forward to today and I own an iPhone 6 Plus and 3 OtterBox Defender's for it, plus a few extra slip covers. I've always loved OtterBox & still do. I've been in the public safety profession for close to 22 years now and the best protection available is a must have in the field & OB always fit the bill. These days I spend most of my time in the office doing administrative work. I decided I wanted to try to find a new case that wasn't as bulky, but yet still afforded me the protection I'm accustomed to. This morning I visited my local AT&T store (as they always take care of me). I looked at the Pelican ProGear Voyager, Pelican ProGear, Moshi, and Speck.

I liked the Speck CandyShell cases, but the CandyShell Grip cases just didn't strike a chord with me. I was thinking I would just stay with my OtterBox but decided to look one more time. Low and behold on the very bottom rack all the way behind the CandyShell Grip cases was a CandyShell Clear case hiding behind everything. I put it on my 6 Plus, the only other case to be put on it since it was purchased last year, and I loved it right off the bat. They rang it up, I payed, and headed out the door. The I realized I didn't have a screen protector on it. There was no way I was taking any chances not having a screen protector on it. I stopped by my local (and new store to our area) Five Below store to get a screen protector. This store is a gold mine for cases, screen protectors, etc. I bought a screen protector that is branded AconicMobile. The screen protector is glass and it has black anodized aluminum at the top and bottom that covers the entire front of the phone. At the bottom where the cutout for the home button is there is a silver accent, and at the top around the earpiece, front camera, and ambient light sensors the cutouts have silver accents. Hopefully in the pictures I'm posting you can better see what I'm talking about LOL. The screen protector really looks good on the phone with the Speck case, and for $5 for the screen protector I couldn't have asked for a better look. I got a gold one for my son's gold & white 6S Plus.

Thanks for bearing with me and I hope you like the pics. Any feedback is appreciated, and if there are any questions I'd be happy to answer them!

****(In some of the pics it looks like there may be something under the screen protector but it's just dust on top of the screen)****