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May 15, 2009
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We're pleased to announce that Apple have approved our application today and I would like to share this news with you, guys. :D

Application Name is TouchKarma, basically it's 3 apps in 1, I'll give you a brief description about it:

1. Karma for Kids: helps parents track their children?s good and not-so-good deeds by accumulating positive or negative karma points. A simple and easy-to-use interface allows parents to record pre-set points awarded based on good behavior. When the qualifying amount of points is reached, kids win a prize pre-chosen by parents.

2. Karma for Friends: Calculate who your best friends are. This mini-app helps keep tabs on friends? actions by assigning positive or negative karma points, from -5 to +5. By the end of the week/month/year, users are able to determine who their best friends are.

3. Piggy Bank: Fill up a cute, virtual piggy bank with the exact coinage needed to reach a savings goal. Parents can encourage saving habits in their children with ?Piggy Bank? while teaching them the value of saving. For each good deed or bad deed performed, parents can add or deduct a dollar amount until the tally reaches a pre-set monetary goal.

Here is the screenshot from the app:

You can check out our website: Touch Karma
Or watch funny cartoons that explain how to use this app in the real life:
Touch Karma

You can follow us on twitter: TouchKarma App (touchkarma) on Twitter

If you want to listen a podcast about the app, you can download it here:

We're going to give away free promo codes on our twitter pager later today, so stay tuned! :D

Thank you, I hope you'll enjoy our application and your positive reviews on the iTunes will be greatly appreciated! :)

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