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new mach has duplicate music after sync


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Aug 27, 2009
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not sure I am in th right place but here goes.

bought a Mac and have used sync for contacts, calendar and apps and music. Still have itunes on older PC.

everything is fine except on last sync of music I now have duplicates of every album and song. the iPhone ipod is fine. any short cuts to eliminate duplication and what did i do wrong on the sync.




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Aug 27, 2009
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Bought an iMac and plugged in iPhone

Was asked to set up this computer for iTunes data

Did a sync for contacts, calendar and music

Everything on iPhone was fine BUT no applications on iTunes. Call tech support and they solved the app problem

Did a sync again and now I had duplicate appointments on iPhone of all calendar events. Figured out how to delete the multiple calendars i had on iMac and did another sync of calendar and all is fine on iPhone

For some reason i went into iTunes music library and saw that every album was duplicated but the iPhone iPod was fine. Need to eliminate the duplicated albums

I am guess that some setting I have on iMac is wrong. Also notice that on the PC i set up my preferences once but appear to have to set up sync preferences EACH time on the Mac.

My problem may be more of a Mac issue than phone issue but sure would appreciate your thoughts and suggestions.


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