new jailbreak...having issues


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Jan 12, 2009
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I just jailbroke my 3g 2.2 yesterday and while i already am in love all over again i am having issues other than all of the apps i previously had would not load i just put them back on, but my phone with contacts and dialer and suck will not load it comes up and then just closes. Also since i am new to this whole jail break thing is there any suggestions on how to translate WTF cydia and installer apps are for b/c i am not a whiz when it comes to hacker lingo and what not thanks any suggestions would be much appreciated.:D


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Dec 3, 2008
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First of all, Welcome.

Second, take a deep breath and type slowly using full sentences and proper grammar (you need us to understand you after all, right?)

Third, if you are experiencing issues with the phone dialer freezing, then you need to go to the "Installer" App and remove the following Apps:
- Kate
- Mobile Enhancer
- RIP DEV Preferences

Once you have removed these Apps, restart you iPhone and all should be well.

Let me know if that works for ya and, Welcome again ;)