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New iPhone vs Evo or Moto Extreme?


New member
Jun 6, 2010
I've been an iPhone user since the original one hit us in the face back in 2007, and have owned every revision so far. My wife and I are pretty much ready to buy the new one, if only for the rumored HD video recording.

However, we're also both INCREDIBLY sick of the 4+ dropped calls EVERY DAY that AT&T causes. It's so bad that we're considering jumping ship to Verizon.

Now, since I've seen the Sprint EVO, I can't allow myself to get something as simple as the Droid or even the Incredible. I've seen a lot of leaks about the upcoming Motorola Shadow/Extreme, and it looks jump-worthy!

8MP camera
1.3MP Front facing
Dual LED flash
4.3" screen
1GHZ+ Snapdragon

Is anyone else tempted to leave the shelter of the iPhone behind and head for more reliable pastures?


New member
May 14, 2010
You could probably just wait for the iPhone to drop on Verizon and call it a day.