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New iPhone 6s Help! - Mute Switch Moving During Case Installation


New member
Mar 25, 2014
Hi all. Purchase a new Rose Gold 6s for my GF and when I put on the blue Apple leather case the mute switch toggled position. She was concerned it could damage it lol.

The mute switch toggling during case installation is nothing to worry of, right? Surely they can handle that. I see many case reviews on YouTube like the speck hardshell cases that toggle the switch and push in all the buttons installing.

Just want to reassure her lol. Thanks!

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New member
Jul 1, 2009
I switch between the Apple leather and silicone cases everyday when I workout and the mute switch toggles everytime... same all last year when I had the 6, no problems...


Retired Moderator
Jul 19, 2008
Welcome to iMore! Hope you enjoy the site, and that you and your GF enjoy your iPhones!

As others have said, it's no problem if the mute switch toggles...and as a guy like SnapThrow who switches cases regularly, I can attest that it happens to me almost every time without negative effect. :)