New 11" MBA should I have gone with the core i7 over the i5?


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Jul 23, 2011
So I just purchased the 11" MBA and I'm pretty excited about it. My wife has the same computer and I love the portability of it. Mainly what I use it for is office type documentation, browsing, watching movies and very rarely gaming (really the rare game of Starcraft). I opted for the 8GB of RAM and stuck with the core i5 processor. I did this because I didn't really see a need to spend the extra $150 for what Id use it for. Well after looming through some reviews of the differences between the two it would seem that the performance bump is pretty substantial and from a "future proofing" standpoint might have made sense.

What do you all think? With the stuff I get into on a regular basis would this bump really be noticed? Also, I do plan on getting a Cinema Display with a docking station in our home office that my wife and I will share, would the CPU affect this up scaling performance at all??