New 100% vision eye care app is available for tablets on App Store and Google Play


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Nov 14, 2012
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The new ?100% vision? eye care mobile application hits the App Store and Google Play this month. The App is recommended for PC users and people working with display units for daily eye training and exercises to remove eye strain and prevent myopia and presbyopia (short sightedness).

The App is designed for tablets and applies advanced graphic animation to relieve static eye muscle strain and normalize eye accommodation (our ability to focus on an object, regardless of its distance from us) which in turn trains eye muscles forcing them to contract and relax in a set pattern.

During exercises user follows three types of graphical animation on the screen:
Visual effect of moving inside tunnel relaxes and strains eye accommodation using periodic pattern
Water surface illusion relaxes eye accommodation. Your extraocular muscles are ?warming up? when eyes follow smooth movements of the wave
Squares and rhombus animation trains eye muscles. You might feel your eyes converge and diverge while watching
The impact of eye accommodation changes diminishes within 1 ? 1.5 months after cessation of exercises. In order to achieve and stabilize this impact regular exercises are essential.

To make these exercises more interesting there is a scoring system. User?s target is to get 100%. Getting 100% means that user complete 30-day course of exercises. Every day user can get maximum 3.7%. Current score and frequency of the exercises are reflected on the user?s dashboard and can be shared with friends via Facebook and Twitter.

AppStore page:
Google Play page:

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