NeuvaSync and Mulitple Calendars


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Dec 13, 2008
I am using NeuvaSync to "push" my Gcals into my iPhone. The System I have set-up works absolutely wonderfully and is almost seamless as far as daily use goes.

I installed Sunbird in XP and Linux and set it up to Sync Seamlessly with my GCalendars (Work, Home, Holidays-other). I can add an event in either OS and it syncs automatically with GCal and Vice Versa.

Then I added NeuvaSync to the iPhone for the GCals. Its pushes updates to the phone immediately, and vice versa. So NeuvaSync syncs the GCals immediately, then Sunbird Picks up the changes almost immediately.

Works almost as well as a real Exchange server except for two items:
1) Multiple Calendars are Pushed to the phone as one Calendar in NeuvaSync. The appointments are all consolidated and sent as the Main Calendar in NeuvaSync. Not a big Issue except I love my Color Coding for quick references as well as filtering appointments so I can see whats going on on a busy day.

2)NeuvaSync separates the items back into their calendars when it sends to GCal, but when I create a new appt on the the iPhone the only calendar I send can it to is the Default one in GCal. Not a big deal as the appt gets sync'd, but i do have to take the time to move it around later.

Does anyone know a way to separate the GCals into their separate Cals for Sync so I can get my color-coding on the iPhone without paying for MobileMe ($99 is ridiculous) or getting dependent on a jailbreak app - NeumaSync? Am I I just stuck with NeuvaSync till the get the calendars worked out (it is Beta afterall).


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Dec 3, 2008
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I am using NuevaSync as well. Both of the issues you are describing above are well know to the dev team and they are working on a fix. They want their system to understand the multiple calendar setup and use color coding as well (and that applies to the 2 way syncing).

I keep checking their blog every once in a while, but no update regarding that issue yet.

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