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Nov 12, 2012
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Hello Everyone,

First and for most. I didn't expect this to be so long with many questions however I couldn't think of a better community to ask. I want to thank those who take the time and help me in advance. I do appreciate it.

I am looking to purchase my first macbook. I was going to purchase a macbook pro 15" but decided it wouldn't be portable enough for my daily routine and the price was a tad to much for my liking.

So that leaves me with the macbook air 13", vs macbook pro 13".

I am looking to get one with the upgraded processors that apple announced today with the 5th gen Intels.

My first question is:

Is there a noticeable difference between the i5 and the i7 as far a performance goes?

This machine will be used for my returning to college to finish the last two years of my Computer Science degree with a minor in Software Programming.

The retina screen is the least of my worries but some people say it is great to have while coding/viewing movies/ other things.

Which ever computer I purchase will not only be my school computer but my everyday computer. (i.e. My only machine)

Also, can either one of the laptops be used for coding? Im not a video editor or photographer so I shouldn't be using heavy apps like Photoshop, or any of the other awesome apps. (hence why I am not going after the quad core 15" inch beast which I will never use the power and it would be a waste of money)

Also I know the Ram nor the SSD is upgradable so I will be at least getting 8gb Ram in either model I get. I know the air isn't upgradeable to 16gb of Ram but the Retina Pro is. Will 8gb be good enough to last me 2-3 years or will I be sorry I didn't opt for the 16gb and the retina with the extra add on?

Also, is it smart to opt for more than 128GB of storage with the vast amount of cheaper External Harddrives? I honestly have a poor iTunes music library of only about 3-4gb of music. ( I know thats not a lot). I do have about 100gb of Movies from iTunes I have purchased and would like to know if they are playable from an external hard drive?

I believe those are the only questions I have.

Once again, Thank you.


Nov 12, 2013
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The only issue your going to have is the MacBook Air does not come with a DVD disk drive for DVD's nor does it come with an Ethernet port (if your going to connect an Ethernet cable), or FireWire port, and in addition, it only has two USB ports. You'll have to purchase an external USB drive (if using DVDS), an external toggle to connect your Ethernet cable to, etc.,

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