Need Help With purchasing a new macbook


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Dec 25, 2012
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So I have a macbook pro retina 15 2013 that just crashed it won't install os x via usb or downloading and the only way to get the thing back is to either try restoring from a time machine multiple times or taking the thing in to apple for them to perform a hard wipe and install works great for all about a week then same thing happens it crashes over and over again. Tried replacing hard drive and nothing just does the same, so I could give it to apple and try and have them fix the thing, but who knows how much they will charge me Im thinking about $500-900, and I rather just put that toward a new mac.
But the question Is which macbook would be good for me

1. I take my macbook with me all the time so something thin light and very powerful is ideal.
2. looking to do video editing with 1080p footage and possible 4k and more 4k to come in the future.
3. also wanting to get in to coding with Xcode and android adb/android studio

Im thinking another 15 macbook pro retina because it almost like having the power of a iMac in laptop form, but the cost and weight is something that i don't like, macbook looks nice don't know if i can get use to the ting and don't know if it has enough power to run everything smoothly, so what do you guys think or suggest and what specs should i get.

Sorry about missed punctuation and typos just wrote this out really quickly on a buddy mac.
Thanks for all the help.


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Aug 12, 2011
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i just got the macbook air 13in and if you want to do video editing i would suggest getting something that has the Retina display. I had a macbook pro retina that i had to sell earlier this year and i got a macbook air instead and omg, the difference is very noticeable now that i am back to a regular screen.

i would go with a macbook pro retina, or macbook

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