Need an app similar to Cydialer


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Dec 19, 2012
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Good Morning All!!

I recently upgraded from an iPhone 3g(quit laughing)to an iPhone 4s. The 3g was jailbroken by me and I loved some of the things it could do but it was far too slow and I was discouraged by the lack of support for it, not to mention apps were so limited from Apple. When I got the opportunity to upgrade to the 4s at a very good price I took it. I'm really happy with my 4s and have no plans to mess with it in the forseeable future, but I have a small issue.

There was a jailbroken app i had paid for and installed on the 3g called Cydialer. Awesome little thing that put my favorites on my lockscreen so i could flip through them right from the was kind of a coverflow idea(think horizontal rolodex)and you could add photos to the contact info. I LOVE having that app and was under the impression I could find the same thing on appstore....but I cant seem to find one.

Does anyone know of a legitimate app that the Appstore offers like this one? I'm really going to miss that app.

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions. I don't believe there is a way to put the jailbroken app on an unjailbroken phone......or am i wrong?