Navigation interruptions, audio doesn't resume


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Nov 12, 2012
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Okay, seeing a bug with ios 9.

With ios 8.x, I did the following:

- In car, phone is connected to bluetooth. Playing either an audiobook (via audible), or podcast (via overcast) through car's speakers.
- Using Waze to navigate, with sound settings configured to output via the phone's speaker.
With these settings, Waze's prompts would cause the audio playback to pause, while the navigation prompts came out the phone speaker. Once the prompt was done, audio playback of the book or podcast would resume.

Since upgrading to ios 9 (or 9.0.1), this no longer works. The navigation prompt plays, but the audio playback doesn't start back up. I need to use the task switcher to switch back to audible (or overcast) and hit play again. Sometimes I need to kill the audio playback app and restart it. Obviously, while driving doing that is a big dangerous.

The alternative is to set Waze (or Google maps) to output over bluetooth. When it does this, it lowers the audio playback volume during the prompt. But with something like an audiobook, I then need to skip back 30 seconds or so, so that I can hear what was being said in the book or podcast. Less than ideal.

Has anyone else seen this?

What's weirder is that for the first trip I took after updating, it all worked fine. But every subsequent trip with trying to use Waze/Google Maps while playing back any audio, it won't work, and I need to set the navigation prompts to playback/talk over the audio.

Rebooting hasn't resolved it, nor has repairing the phone with my car.


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Jan 8, 2012
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I have not, but it may be something you can notify Apple of via their feedback form on their support page.

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