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Jun 8, 2009
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Hi guys,

National Lottery is a new app from The Lottery Company in the UK (National Lottery, Lotto, Lottery, UK), and it's available free. Here's the inside scoop:

UK National Lottery Lotto results delivered to your iPhone and iTouch free of charge.

This easy-to-use application gives you the very latest UK National lottery lotto results within minutes of the draw taking place. All of the drawn numbers are shown with prize payout values, plus which lottery machine and ball set was used for the draw.

Archived lotto results date all the way back to the first draw in 1994.

The Lotto Ticket Checker allows you enter your chosen numbers to see how many balls you have matched.

And if you are short of inspiration for choosing your lottery numbers, you can make use of the Random Ticket Generator, rather than having to rely on Lucky Dip numbers.

And here's the apps store link:

iTunes Store