My Take on the iPhone 11 Pro


Mar 27, 2015
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I decided to upgrade to the iPhone 11 Pro after taking my iMac 27 5k unit in for repair last Sunday and playing around with the demo unit in the Apple store at Partridge Creek mall.

I have been using the device as my daily driver the last four days and here is my take on the device compared to my XS which I used for almost a year.

Screen: The screen on paper is the same OLED, but I have noticed the screen on my 11 Pro is a little brighter and is more responsive. I like how they use the haptic touch versus the the 3D Touch on my XS.

Processor: I have noticed a difference in how my apps open and when using the gesture functions, the 11 Pro seems a little more snappy then the XS, but that’s to be expected on a new model and processor.

Camera: Here is where the upgrade was worth it in my opinion, today folks are wanting better cameras on their devices with better video and low light capabilities and the 11 Pro shines compared to my XS.

I love the ultra wide feature and the images I have taken the last couple of days are more crisp and detailed then my XS. I have been using my images from my iPhone for my technical documentation the past couple of years with excellent results.

Battery: I have noticed a significant increase in battery life compared to my older XS. At the end of the day I still have almost 50-60 % left compared to having to put my XS on a charger.

Design and weight: The 11 Pro seems a tad bit heavier then my XS, but I love the new green finish and the green Apple OEM leather case really set it off.

In my previous post I have said I wasn’t going to upgrade, but after having the new 11 Pro as my daily driver the last few days, I feel it was worth the cost. I also sold my XS to an Asian lady in the Apple store for $550 which helped offset the cost of the new phone.

Even though the upgrades are minimal on the 11 Pro, the battery life, ultra wide camera, processor and new finish drew me to forking out the cash for the new model and I am not complaining a bit.



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Jan 8, 2012
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Excellent, sir and thank you for sharing your experience with your new iPhone 11....


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Apr 6, 2016
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And night mode is unbelievable!!! Congratulations on your new iPhone.


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