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My son's photos are showing up on my PC.

Pound note

New member
Jun 27, 2016
This occurrence is confusing me as to how??
My son has passed on his i pad 2 to his mother so she can face time to Australia. he asked me to get the pictures off it onto my PC and put on a disc and then he would clear it down/reset it. Camera roll was not a problem but the pictures in various folder proved more difficult, anyway I managed that, leaving all the original pictures on the i pad, just in case.
I disconnected the i pad from the PC and turned it off. It is worth saying at this point that he and his wife have i phones and another i pad and I have no access to his Apple accounts.
On checking the 900+ pictures i found that the camera roll pictures were duplicates of the ones in the numerous folders so I spent an hour or so checking the pictures in the folders against the camera roll ones and deleting the duplicates from the camera roll folder, ending up with this folder empty. I then started to go through each folder and rotate some pictures, so when on a screen they would all be the right way up.
Being a long boring job I decided to finish it off on a later day.
Two days later I decided to finish of the job of rotating pictures in the folders remembering that:-
(A) the camera roll folder was empty of pictures on the PC..
(B) the said i pad was off and disconnected from my PC and had not been turned on or reconnected since copying the pictures from it.
(C) I had no access to his cloud or i pad accounts.
(D) The i pad was connected to my wireless network but as (B) switched off.
Within his picture folder (on my PC's desktop) was a folder named "other", I opened that up to find all 900+ pictures had reappeared in this folder and they were still in their individual folders, that was not a problem and did not surprise me but...
On scrolling through these pictures I notice the last 2 pictures had been taken by my son the day before on his i phone 6, at least a day after I had transferred the pictures from the i pad, disconnected it from my PC and turned it off.
How did two pictures, taken the day before, get onto my PC???? :confused: :confused:


Feb 20, 2014
Hi, welcome to iMore.

Seems like iCloud is set up on your computer with his credentials logged in AND photos enabled.

You can disable this by locating the iCloud software for on your PC and log your son off of it.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Welcome to the family and enjoy your stay.
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Pound note

New member
Jun 27, 2016
Thank you for the welcome and the reply Tartarus.
I think your right my son has never used my PC for anything i phone/pad related and I have never had access to his accounts but.. By me connecting an i pad that is still all set up in his name etc i cloud has assumed it was him and updated his new pictures to the file on my computer, that makes sense to me.
So by me having i tunes etc set up on my PC, anyone who then connected their i phone or i pad to it (hard wired) and then copied their pictures onto my PC for whatever reason would, in future have their pictures delivered to my PC without me having to do anything.
My step daughter also has an i phone and i pad will try out the theory with one of hers and see what happens.
Thanks again for you help.

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