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Sep 20, 2012
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In a world where there are multiple OS's and companies flooding the market, I'll be the first to admit; I've been interested in changing OS's and devices a number of times. Blame it on my inner tech geekness or indecisiveness. Whatever the case, I've tried my friends devices and I've attempted to read and watch every review on the new devices that are entering the market. For some reason I always look at other devices such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia, etc. and find myself wishing Apple had made a relevant screen size. After spending countless hours with other devices I've finally come to the conclusion that my iPhone 5 is my choice of smartphone. Although the larger size screens on other devices are awesome I believe that a smartphone is your primary device and is supposed to used for your immediate duties. Again this is just my opinion. The size of this iPhone is perfect, it's not too small but not too big, it's a great entry size device that provides it user with ample viewing real-estate. Combined with a reliable OS that prides itself on user convenience, Apple has provided a simple type of harmony one could only wish for. I'm not saying that the device or the software are perfect, but honestly there is no device or OS out there that is.

Since the birth of iPad mini, I now see the bigger picture (maybe I just didn't want to see it, haha). Apple has finally "closed" the loop with mobile devices. Apple has a screen size to match every situation we may have. Yes one may not want to have a device that is 7-8 inches and opt for a larger smartphone but then you are sacrificing convenience. If you need to do more complex tasks on a mobile device then I suggest using a larger size tablet where you will have a better user experience. I believe a smartphone should be used more for viewing things rather than trying to be used as a part time computer, with the exception of easy typing of course ;) (I don't care what people say, it's not fun trying to edit on a 4-5" screen).

In the end I know everyone has different views and that's why this is just my opinion. I actually do love what the other companies are bringing to the table and competition has never been better. It's an exciting time for all of us!