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I'm going through a horrible breakup from a maniac of a guy. Two of his email accounts were configured to my iPhone 5 till the day I moved out. He didn't have an iPhone that time. However, he got an iPhone about 10 days after that. It's been two months and just now he pulled out this card from his sleeve that my Notes have appeared on his phone!! He showed me and I demanded I want to delete them all. He didn't object much coz obviously (I assume/know) he had already saved them/copied them somewhere else. Also, not even close to half of them were there, so he must have deleted the worst ones so that I'll not know he has read them.

How on earth is this possible when I had deleted both his accounts from my phone and thus they shouldn't have been configured/synced!? Could it be because maybe I didn't turn off the syncing of 'Notes' in the settings before deleting his accounts? Is this necessary?

The notes included very very personal info about what I think about him, my detailed analysis on his personality disorder, about the court case and police report I've filed against him, poems I've written etc.

I was too shocked that time to see under which account the notes were in his phone! But I remember one specific note and in my phone it's under iCloud. Does that mean iCloud has pushed everything else on his device as well? Photo Stream, Videos, Safari browsing history?? I have changed my Apple ID password now that I found out. Will this stop iCloud pushing stuff to his device??

This situation is an absolute nightmare!! (Sorry for excess use of exclamation and question marks.)

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May 1, 2012
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Welcome to iMore! I'm sorry about what happened. If your boyfriend's email was set up through your phone, you had notes active for his email address (see image below), and you were directing your notes to his email address, then he could potentially see your notes unless you deleted them before you removed his email address from your phone.

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