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My MacPro (2011) is slower than it used to be. Will Yosemite make it even slower?


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I have a MacBook Pro from 2011. I presently have thousands of pictures on it and at times I have speed issues but generally I am happy with its performance. I am not any kind of computer geek but I do have limited knowledge about the workings of my computer. It is way slower than it used to be and I am worried that if I put Yosemte on I will slow it down further. Any thoughts


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Jan 8, 2012
Re: MacPro from 2011

I have OS X Yosemite running on a MacBook (early 2009) with 4 GB RAM. If it's working well on my device, it should work even better on yours, in my opinion. How many items do you have running in the background at startup/login? Try going through all of your settings and make changes where needed to see if performance improves.