My Love * Diary, Journal, Notes for lovers (New iPhone App)

Tiger Kim

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Apr 5, 2011
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Hi! We announced today a new iPhone app for all the lovers out there. :)

It's on a introductory sale now, so take a look & go for it! :)

( Sorry I couldn't include any e-mails or links due to late joining user at TiPb. We prepared app website, youtube video.. so pls visit myloveapp[dot]com :rolleyes:)

* Name of Application

: My Love * Diary, Journal, Notes for lovers

* Description of the app


L-O-V-E is what it's all about.


♥ Easy-writing about your lovely days..
With just 3 taps, you can show how beautiful your day was with you love. On 4 categories (food, date, gifts & memos) various icons are ready for you to pick easily with ratings and feelings. Optionally input text and pictures with geo-tagging. Once you go through, you'll figure out how easily you can leave a note about your beautiful moments with such intuitive icons.

♥ Look back at your memories..
Beautifully organized memories are listed by categories. Three icons are right at your sight to look back easily. On detail, you can leave messages and feelings about the moment at the moment! ;)

♥ Watch through maps and calendars..
With your lover, you can enjoy the moment by looking back your memories organized on maps and calendars. Your records are beautifully shown on map to easily look around. Also look through calendar to see what you did on that specific day!

♥ Various themes perfectly made for you..
Your theme is made by combination of main area & desk area. You can look through them easily and choose yours whenever you want. Super-simple and all brand new app is here for you to use! Of course with all your memories automatically fit into.

♥ Start your day with 'My Love'..
Picture of your love is right on your sight. If you want to here the voice, call right away. Miss your lover? Send a lovely message right away. You can easily see how many days have past since you fell in love.

♥ One more thing, Love Points..
Everything is integrated to fun love index, Love Points. As your love grows, Love Points grow together. ;) Moreover, various fonts, data backup/restore, passcode app locking and more interesting features are ready.

♥ Love is one of the most important things in our lives. Mobile device has changed our life in many ways, and now it's time to focus on things that really mean to our lives. Using My Love, we hope you keep a warm love life and make love grow more. :D

visit myloveapp[dot]com ;)