My iPhone apps are stuck at updating, how can I get it to finish?


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Jan 28, 2014
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Iphone apps stuck updating forever

iPhone 6 plus, 128gb, latest OS (yes, I update my os immediately, so any time you are reading this I will be on the newest operating system). Model: MGAP2LL/A

I am having a problem with the infinitely installing application bug. I have googled around and found several threads about this problem but none of them are ever solved. This problem was also occurring on my iPhone 5s 64gb after I updated to iOS 9. And yes I did activate my 6 plus from my 5s backup

For those not familiar with the bug, when going to the app store to update your apps, most apps will update just fine, but there is occasionally one app that will update 99% of the way, then get stuck on the ?installing? part of the app update. So on your home screen there is an app that has turned dark (the little shade an app icon gets when its updating) and will stay dark permanently, forever ?updating.? When I go back to the app store it is no longer updating, the app has the little cloud icon with a down arrow implying the app is no longer on my phone but needs to be downloaded from the cloud. When I tap the cloud the whole process starts back over again and is forever updating. While this ?forever update? is happening and i go into my phone settings the app is now referred to as *null* in my app list and the icon has disappeared in the settings. The only fix to this is to restart my phone and go back to the app store and download the app from the cloud. The weird part is that when you download it from the cloud the app goes right back to the same spot it was before it updated. So the phone isn?t putting it on a new home screen but right back in the folder it was in. I would say this problem happens 3-4 times per week.

The only reason i could think of this happening is because of how many apps i have on my phone might be causing the problem, I buy the larger iPhones with the philosophy of making my phone a swiss army knife of apps since i don?t have unlimited data to redownload apps. I have found help threads with the problem dating back to iOS 6 and none of those threads ever have a solution or end.


Mar 11, 2013
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Iphone apps stuck updating forever

Welcome to iMore

This is strange

Have you tried deleting the app instead of updating and then get it straight from the App Store?

This is not a fix and contour productive as you might loose data

Hopefully a fix will come sooner than later. Sorry I can't be of anymore help

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