My iPhone 6s plus is in a bootloop after a reset, how can I fix it?


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iPhone 6s plus bootloop after reset

I got my first iPhone (6s plus) yesterday and i jailbroke it.
Some things were messed up in the tweaks so i decided to do a factory reset from the settings

Went into a continuous bootloop and then i realised that we should not do a reset on a jailbroken device. now after connecting to itunes in recovery mode, it tells me that i need to update or restore, so i clicked on restore but i tunes is forcing me to download 9.1 instead of just restoring from my previous backups on the pc!

I have 2 concerns, the update is 2.2 GB which will take 10+ hrs to download and other is tha 9.1 has no jailbreak!

Please tell me what i should do. Im really scared its my first iphone and i just bought it yesterday :(


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Sep 23, 2012
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Re: iPhone 6s plus bootloop after reset

Using the Reset All Content and Settings on a jailbroken device will send it into a bootloop as the jailbreak files that get injected during the process do NOT play nice with the native reset function of the phone....and unfortunately Cydia Impactor (Google it) has not been updated to be compatible with iOS 9 yet.

At this point, as DevilishBanker posted, you will need to restore in DFU mode, which by the way, will also force the phone to update to iOS 9.1 which is not jailbreakable right now.

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