My iPhone 6 Plus Review


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Sep 22, 2014
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Now in my hands, I can say that iPhone 6 is single handedly the greatest smartphone to come out since the 1st iPhone.* It?s perfect.*

First off, the question EVERYONE asks? "Is it too big"?* Answer: No.* I have medium sized hands and it fits like an extension of my hand.* It?s like a lightsaber or magical wand or something.* Do I have to stretch one-handed?* Only when I?m typing with one hand.* The rest of the ?one-handed? features are just brilliant.* Ugly implementation, but brilliant.

Next question: "Is it bulky in my pocket"?* Answer: Not at all.*I do not feel like I?m lugging anything around.

Just how fast is it?* OH, IT?S FAST.* The biggest and most surprising is my Wifi AC connection.* I bought an Apple Airport Extreme AC Wifi Router a year ago in preparation of this day (seriously I did)? and to be honest I wasn?t expecting much - BUT FINALLY, the iPhone has caught up with Desktop surfing.* My biggest example is downloading apps from the app store and surfing the net.* It?s lightning fast and never has it been this fast before.* I am shocked, and very VERY happy. It?s so dang fast! Perhaps I feel this excited because I?m coming from a 4S.* I suppose this day was 3 years in the making.

Seriously, how beautiful is it?* iOS is hands down the best ?all around? mobile OS ever, and iOS 8 being built for the iPhone 6, is a perfect marriage.* Have I noticed bugs?* Not really, no.* Everything works and works quick and perfect (so far).* The screen and iOS 8 is just gorgeous on this phone.* Because the screen is 5.5 inches, the display is perfect and you see a lot of it.*

My favorite feature?* Right now it?s the iOS 8 usage on the 6 Plus vs. the other iPhones.*It?s kinda like an iPad in some regards and I LOVE that.*The keyboard in landscape is AWESOME, because it has more dedicated buttons - no more clicking that ?123? button.* The browser (Safari) is like the iPad browser in landscape. No matter where I?m at, if I?m in landscape, everything else is too.* So if I click the home button whilst surfing the net, my home screen is landscape.* Multi-tasking, landscape.* Email, like the iPad, landscape.* Messager, like the iPad, landscape.* I can?t tell you how much I am enjoying that.

Well it replace the iPad Mini?* Unfortunately I think so.* I say that with much regret. I LOVE MY MINI, but the 6 Plus is like an iPad Mini ?Mini?.* Superior camera, nearly identical screen size when watching 6:9 movie, important apps are like the iPad?s, easier to tote around, can make calls natively with it, perfect screen? yeah, I think it?ll replace the Mini.* I LOVE MY IPAD, but IF I get new one one day, it?ll be the full size version.* I guess I should phrase it like this, IF you have an iPad Mini and get a 6 Plus, you kinda have two iPad Mini?s.* Will the Mini die?* No.* There?s plenty of people that hate the iPhone and love and have the iPad (Mini).* Mine will now be less used, though.

The cons?* It?s quite slippery.*I use it with both hands, like an iPad, but when I do go one-handed? it almost feels like it's designed to slip out of your hand.* Like holding a fish, or that tube water balloon toy thing we had as kids.* Remember that water balloon tube/worm/snake thing?* Now we all know that iPhones (phones in general) get a case.* After much reading and video watching over a week?s time, I opted for Apple?s leather case.* I hate cases? hate them. I never had one on my 4S for 3 years and it?s fine. I used Apple?s bumper for a bit - but that?s it.* It?s survived rigorous usage and 2 kids.* Apple?s leather case is supposed to be really good and I have no issues with it so far.

Final thoughts?*Finally I feel like I have a computer in my pocket.* I can?t begin to tell you how much of a real statement that is and how important to me that is.*Due to work, I can be considered a "power user" of my iPhone.* I LIVE off of it now than ever, as me being mobile is more important now than ever.* I can stop lugging my Mac Book Air, iPad, and iPhone around in half of my mobile situations.* That itself is worth the upgrade - to have a computer in your pocket with seemingly desktop speeds.* Also, I LITERALLY feel like I?m holding magic in my hands.* I remember feeling this way back in 2007 the 1st iPhones came out.*It was like a magic portal of information in your hands? and it?s like that all over again.*