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My iPhone 4s battery replacement has gone wrong :( can I get some help?


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Iphone 4s battery replacement gone wrong :(

As above i have changed numerous batteries before but my friend gave me his daughters iphone as he was saying the battery would suddenly drop in % so quick so the phone was out of use for about 3-4weeks till i finally got a battery, I swapped it over and the phone powered up grand and i plugged it in to charge it but it would not budge past 1% with the lightning bolt and red line on charge i took the phone of charge and the battery went dead and the only way i can get the phone to turn on with the new battery is to charge the phone with the battery unclipped from the phone and then i can use the phone that way but when i unplug the phone i have to start all over again, also the old battery is completely dead it wont even recognise in the phone by charging the phone and then connected the battery back up, anybody got any ideas or have came across something like this on their travels, i have also cleaned the charging port and to no avail.


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Oct 7, 2015
Re: Iphone 4s battery replacement gone wrong :(

sorry meant to create this thread under my own name but came up as guest, new post created


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May 1, 2015
Re: Iphone 4s battery replacement gone wrong :(

In your position I would suspect damage to the phone's charging connector.

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