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My iPad Air is boot looping + bluescreen (Update error and TinyUmbrella not found it), how can I fix this?


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iPad air Boot Looping + Bluescreen (Update error and TinyUmbrella not found it)

Not able to post a video right now but it is quite easy to explain.

The Apple logo appears and after about 10 sec or so a bluescreen appears for 0.2 sec and it become black Before the logo appears again.

I am only able (for some weird reason, and just lucky i found out) to enter DFU mode when the iPad is attached to the charger but not without or connected to the PC.

Recovery mode i am able trough the PC (but i can do the same as with DFU mode so i do not really know the differens)

I am getting the 1394 ( a Think the error code is correct but it is common) something about a host file error, tried TinyUmbrella but it can not find my found in DFU or (what seems to be) Recovery Mode.

Someone said to me my only option is to lose Everything ( a did not provide this info, only about the looping) but a Think (without any real knowldege) that if i can update to the same iOS or atleast a Close one, i will be able to fix the device + not lose my Jailbreak.

Sorry for my English and wall of text, it is my daughters iPad that she uses for studies ( i use it to for gaming :p).

Edit: Do not even remember the apple login.....


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Oct 22, 2010
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Re: iPad air Boot Looping + Bluescreen (Update error and TinyUmbrella not found it)

You'll need to edit your computer's hosts file and delete or comment out any entries for apple.com and reboot the computer...

At this point, the only iOS that Apple is signing is 8.1.3 - so that's what you're going to have to install to have a working device.

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