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My Home screen 2016

John Yester

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May 23, 2012
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I tend to focus most of my app usage into the built in apps, just because they’re so good.

Yes, there are more feature rich apps available, but they are bloated and don’t work the way that I like. Also, there is no better syncing between software on Apple hardware than Apple software.

So that means Calendar is my calendar. Clock is my alarms app. Wallet is for Apple Pay and passes. Settings is obvious, and on my home screen because I go into settings enough. I check the App Store about once every other day. Maps is my mapping app (works great for me). I use reminders for my to do list. Photos is on my home screen because I use iCloud Photo Library and I love it. Camera is there because it’s still the best iOS camera app. Activity and Health are on the home screen because I use my Apple Watch to track my fitness, and I like the way that they look and function (best health tracking apps I’ve used, and I’ve used quite a few).

Then comes iCloud Drive, which used to be Dropbox until this year. Truth be told, Dropbox is way more powerful, but it feels like a virus on the Mac (seriously, try uninstalling it), so I opted to switch, and I haven’t had problems so far. Then weather, which used to be Dark Sky, until I fee tired of the constant location use. I’ll probably switch back, but who knows. I use News as my RSS reader that also can follow topics, and it’s great. It’s the best combination of Feedly and Flipboard, or Flipboard with way fewer ads. Way fewer. Lastly, I use Music for my downloaded music (I stopped streaming in 2015) and Podcasts for my large library of subscribed podcasts. I like Overcast, but Podcasts just works better for me.

The home row is Mail, Messages, Safari, and Tweetbot. These are my top apps, most likely (I don’t actually time my app usage). They’re at least the most important.
I’ve tried basically every email app on iOS, and the only app that looks good, functions well, has a matching Mac and iPad app, without making privacy sacrifices is Mail. Hate if you wish, but trust me, I’ve tried others.

iMessage is great: revolutionary, even. Nothing else can match it. That is all.

Safari is the best mobile browser on iOS. Besides having no privacy concerns, it also allows content blockers, of which I use a few. It’s so fast and so lean.
I use Tweetbot a lot. Like a lot, a lot. Best Twitter app by far. The killer feature is timeline syncing across devices. The reason for Tweetbot over Twitterrific (or others) is that its interface and its icon are not ugly.

What you got and why? This is not just a Home screen thread, but an explanation of such


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Oct 2, 2013
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What I got? Too many apps! I use the stock apps a lot as well. Most of them. I got fed up with the stock keyboard and use SwiftKey as my default. It's great. I use Calendar mostly, but have Super Calendar as well. I like the customization using images. I'm into photography and photoshop, so I have 62 apps related to those. It's too many and I'm weeding some out. I use Notes, Reminders and the clock apps as you do. I have several weather apps that do specific things. I use a few widget/extensions apps I like. Too many games. Some fun stuff. Utility apps like Pinpoint, Image Size, and Tailor. Business apps. I prefer Google Maps but also use Apple. I like CityMapsToGo because it has a lot of great articles about places and offline local maps to download. I use TuneIn Radio Pro because I can't stand Beats1. I use Box, Dropbox and OneDrive for photo storage. I don't like how iCloud Photo Library works. I do have way too many apps. I had hoarded a lot of paid as well as free apps in my purchased list when I had my iP 5 16 gb. After I got the 6s Plus with 64 gb, I downloaded all those I had been saving. I'm still testing them and comparing.



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Nov 2, 2009
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Ok I'll show you mine. But I am not posting a long this is why I use each app, however if you a question ask away.

In order:


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May 11, 2011
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I like the stock apps as well, mainly because third party apps can't be made default, though I wouldn't replace Safari, Photos or Mail as they work fine for me. iMoreAppImg_20160205_164123.jpgiMoreAppImg_20160205_164139.jpg


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Oct 4, 2014
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The top two rows are all Apple's apps, all of them are self explanatory.

In my dock I have CloudMagic, a very simple yet powerful email app (used to use iOS Mail app). Todoist is hands down the best todo list app out there. Love the UI and their karma system, makes me more productive each day.

From there I have my social apps, FB to see how my friends are doing. Tweetbot, the best Twitter app client out there, I follow a lot of tech news on my feed. Instagram, for posting nice pictures taken with my iPhones. Snapchat for having fun with friends.

YouTube to watch videos, iMore and Tapatalk are for my forum needs. Whatsapp is my main messenger to use amongst friends and family. Groupme is used for clash of clans and clash royale group chat. Been playing clash of clans since its release. Clash royale is supercell's new game, it's really fun. About to delete Google Photos.

I am an Apple Music subscriber, I do prefer Spotify as they have way more features, but since I'm on iOS I want that simple UI.

I always have my iWork and Microsoft apps on my devices in case I need to edit a document on the go. I have just decided yesterday to purchase more storage on iCloud. Byebye Google Drive, I am now all in to iCloud and iCloud Drive.

XE currency is the best app for exchange rates and very useful when travelling. The Score for my NBA scores. Aftership for deliveries and sleep cycle for my alarm (best alarm app, makes you wake up nicely in the morning as it wakes you up when you're in your lightest sleep)

That's it for now, hopefully more apps to be downloaded in the long run :)